FK 300

The FK Series is a reliable, maintenance-free, self-contained hydraulic actuator built for long life. The Pump, Cylinder, Reservoir, and Valves are combined into a single compact unit and is easy to install. Each actuator has high safety against overload due to the pressure-relief valve. Flow Control Valve ensures smooth and uniform descent. In principle, only push forces can be generated.


Stroke Length : 300 mm
L : 440 mm
Total Length : 450 mm
Piston Hole Diameter : Ø12 mm
Maximum Dynamic Push force : 10 KN at 270 bar
Descent Control : Using flow control valve
Pressure Relief Valve : Installed
Single Acting Cylinder
Weight : 5.20 KG
Optional : Holes on the pedal shaft
or gear coupling

Product Features

  • Zero Maintenance Design
  • Easy to install
  • Quite and smooth performance
  • Reliable load-holding capability
  • Simple installation and operation
  • No external power required
  • Fully manual/Foot operation
  • Manual override, hand release option

Load Carrying Capacity

Length (MM)

Max Load Carrying (KG)

Product Knowledge-base

Fixing and Installation
  • The FK300 actuators have 1 location hole of Ø12mm in the plunger and Ø18 mm shaft for the connection of user's constructions.
  • There are two different operating directions of the pump lever: clockwise and counterclockwise operation of the pump lever, depending on the user's construction.
  • The plunger rod is extended by reversible rotation of the Ø18 mm shaft by up to 36° by an operating lever at the operating shaft.
  • The recommended lever length is approx. 300 mm.
  • To retract the plunger rod, the operating shaft has to be turned to the opposite direction by up to 10°. The operating shaft returns automatically.
  • Lower Body : Aluminum
  • Operating Shaft: Steel, Corrosion resistant
  • Plunger Rod: Steel, Hard Chrome Plated
  • Finish: Electroless Nickel Plated
Important Notes
  • FK300 actuators are resistant to corrosion & rust.
  • To retract the plunger, a push load of at least 20Kg or 200N is required.
  • The actuator has a high safety against overload. In the case of overload, it is not possible to continue to extend the plunger even after pumping the actuator, but descent is possible.
  • The operator has to make sure that the actuator is not overloaded.

Product Applications

Recovery Tables
Recovery Tables
Bo-bath Table
Bo-bath Table
Medical Bed
Medical Bed
Patient Transport Table
Patient Transport Table